First Batch of Rabbit R1 Shipping to US Buyers Next Week

Meet the Bright Orange Rabbit R1: Your Next Favorite AI Companion

So, have you heard about the bright orange Rabbit R1? This gadget isn’t just another piece of tech to adorn your desk – it’s like a beacon of sheer innovation. If you were quick on the draw and managed to snag an order before they all vanished, pat yourself on the back! Your very own Rabbit R1 is zooming its way to you as we speak. And guess what? According to Rabbit, the first wave of these cuddly tech creatures is set to dispatch on March 31st, Easter Sunday. But keep your socks on, it might take a hot minute (or a few weeks, to be exact) before you can officially start bonding.

Party Time? Rabbit Thinks So!

Rabbit isn’t just about shipping out orders. They’re throwing a full-blown pickup party in New York City on April 23rd, and it’s not exclusive; all buyers are invited, regardless of which batch you’re in. So, ready to meet and mingle with fellow Rabbit aficionados? Keep your eyes peeled for more juicy details dropping next week.

Why All the Hype Around Rabbit R1?

In the midst of CES frenzy, Rabbit R1’s demo wasn’t just another drop in the ocean. It got folks talking and wondering – do we really need dedicated AI hardware when our smartphones do a fair bit already? But here’s the kicker: Rabbit R1 isn’t just any AI assistant. It’s like your AI buddy on wheels, powered by the genius minds at San Francisco-based startup Perplexity’s LLM. With Teenage Engineering’s flair for design, this gadget boasts a physical scroll wheel, a pivoting camera, and an animated bunny mascot that’ll steal your heart.

Since January, the Rabbit R1 with its $199 price tag has been nothing short of a hotcake, with each batch of 10,000 units flying off the virtual shelves. Those first in line are just around the corner from experiencing AI like never before, but if you’re eyeing batch seven, there’s a wee bit of a wait ahead.

So, are you ready to hop into the future with Rabbit R1? It’s not just a slice of cutting-edge tech; it’s an adorable companion waiting to make your everyday a tad brighter. And who knows? You might just end up bonding over more than just binary.

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