Intel Announces Webinar to Outline Its Long-Term Foundry Vision and Introduce Separate Reporting for Fab and Design

Intel Shakes Things Up with New Foundry Biz

So, have you heard the latest buzz from Intel’s corner? They’re gearing up to revolutionize their game by transitioning their fabs to the brand-new Intel Foundry business. This is no small news, folks! What’s more, they’re tweaking how they share their earnings reports in the months ahead. You might be wondering, “What’s the big deal?” Well, to shed light on their long-haul game plan and how Intel Foundry alongside Intel Products groups will pave the way forward, they are setting up a webinar for April 2, 2024. Mark your calendars!

What’s Cooking at Intel?

Imagine having a backstage pass to Intel’s plans – that’s what the upcoming webinar promises. They’re planning to get down to brass tacks about their foundry business’s future, aiming to foster a transparent relationship between Intel Foundry, the manufacturing arm, and Intel Products, the product-making star. The goal? More clarity and accountability all around.

Before the big day, Intel is also planning to tidy up its past financial reports with an 8-K form, ensuring everything aligns with their fresh reporting structure, starting Q1 FY2024. It’s like spring cleaning, but for financials!

A Sneak Peek into the Future

The webinar isn’t just for show; Intel will delve into the nitty-gritty of Intel Foundry’s financial health and market stance. Given that this division is pretty much a newborn in the grand scheme of things, don’t expect a fairy tale just yet. High costs? Check. Orders mainly from Intel itself? Check. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the success of Intel Foundry. The focus is on gearing up their fabs for futuristic 20A and 18A fab tools, albeit a pricey adventure that screams “investment.”

Yet, the light at the end of the tunnel shines bright with prospects like Microsoft and the U.S. military potentially fuelling Intel Foundry’s revenue streams. It’s a game of patience, and Intel’s ready to play the long game.

The Underdog Tech Intel Swears By

Even with its ambitious strides, Intel’s CFO, David Zisner, spilled the beans at a recent conference saying don’t hold your breath for them cornering the market with their 18A (1.8nm) tech anytime soon. Instead, they aim to snag smaller, high-value projects that, while might seem minor, for Intel are significant victories.

Diving deeper into the tech, Intel’s 18A fabrication process is all about pushing boundaries with its RibbonFET gate-all-around transistors and PowerVia backside power delivery – essentially, it’s the tech that dreams are made of if you’re into AI, HPC, or making smartphone brains. There’s promise of whopping performance and power efficiency that would make even TSMC raise an eyebrow.

Intel Foundry’s Grand Plan

While Intel Foundry is the newbie on the block in chipmaking, don’t think for a minute it’s got small dreams. Intel’s playing the long game, aiming for trust and business from third-party customers to eventually claim its stake in the market and cash in on profits. A bold move? Absolutely. But if there’s anything Intel’s keynote has shown, it’s that they aren’t afraid to bet big on their future.

Brushed up your curiosity? Keep an eye on Intel’s updates and SeekingAlpha’s insights for more on this tech giant’s moves.

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