Introducing the Asus ROG Ally X: Featuring a Powerful 80Wh Battery and 24GB of RAM

In brief: Asus has introduced an updated version of its popular gaming handheld, known as the ROG Ally X. This new model retains the same APU and display as the 2023 original but includes several enhancements designed to address the shortcomings of its predecessor.

It’s worth emphasizing that this model represents a yearly update rather than a generational overhaul. The AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip and the 7-inch 1080p 120Hz display remain unchanged from the original model. However, there are some notable improvements.

The most significant update in the Asus ROG Ally X is its battery life. The first Ally model faced criticism for its limited longevity, often keeping gamers tied to power outlets. Asus has addressed this issue by doubling the battery capacity with an 80Wh battery, compared to the original’s 40Wh pack. While official numbers haven’t been released yet, you can expect much longer gaming sessions.

The Ally X also features other hardware upgrades. A robust 1TB SSD is now included to accommodate your extensive game library, doubling the storage capacity of the previous model. This is complemented by a fast 24GB 7500MHz LPDDR5 RAM setup to ensure smooth performance.

Addressing the overheating issues of the first Ally, Asus has developed a new cooling system. The updated, slimmer fans offer 10% more airflow and are designed to direct cool air towards the display, reducing the risk of heat buildup during intense gaming sessions.

For enhanced ergonomics, the redesigned chassis now features deeper hand grips for a more secure hold during extended gaming sessions. The joysticks have been refined for improved responsiveness and longevity, and the D-pad has been tweaked for better accuracy, which will be appreciated by fans of fighting games.

On the connectivity front, the Ally X swaps out the XG Mobile port for dual USB-C ports, one of which is Thunderbolt 4 compatible, allowing for external display or GPU connections.

Starting at $799, the ROG Ally X includes a three-month Game Pass subscription. Pre-orders are currently open, with the first units expected to ship in July.

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