LinkedIn is Experimenting with a Vertical Video Feed Similar to TikTok

Is LinkedIn Joining the Vertical Video Bandwagon?

Imagine scrolling through LinkedIn and stumbling upon a stream of TikTok-esque vertical videos. Sounds intriguing, right? Well, it seems like LinkedIn is flirting with the idea. This new feature hasn’t been officially unveiled to the world, but eagle-eyed users have recently caught glimpses of it. The big reveal? A nod of confirmation to TechCrunch about the ongoing tests.

A Peek into the Future of Professional Networking

Details on this fresh twist come courtesy of a couple of insiders. Instagram’s very own Jenny Eishingdrelo let the cat out of the bag with a revealing screenshot, and Austin Null, a name synonymous with influencer marketing, shared a teaser video direct to LinkedIn. This upcoming feature promises a dedicated “video” tab within the app, where users can effortlessly swipe up and down to flip between clips—a la TikTok or Instagram Reels.

Been There, Done That? Not Exactly.

It’s not LinkedIn’s first rodeo when it comes to embracing popular content formats. Remember the fleeting moment of the Stories feature for those temporary posts? Despite its short-lived existence (less than a year, to be precise), LinkedIn hinted it wasn’t throwing in the towel just yet on video content. The platform teased its community about evolving the Stories format into a revamped video experience tailored for LinkedIn’s unique ecosystem.

What’s the Buzz All About?

Picture this: A dedicated space on LinkedIn where professional content creators and thought leaders share their insights, all through the dynamic medium of video. It’s an exciting prospect, but it does beg the question—how many of us are actually craving a video-centric feed filled with workplace wisdom?

In a world where keeping it fresh and innovative is key, LinkedIn’s venture into vertical video territory reflects its ambition to stay relevant and engaging. But as we’ve seen before, the real test lies in the platform’s ability to marry its professional ethos with the ever-evolving content consumption habits of its users. Only time will tell if they’ve hit the mark or if this will be another fleeting experiment in social media’s vast landscape.

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