Live Blog: The AMD Computex 2024 Keynote (6:30 PM PT / 02:30 UTC)

Computex keynote season is surging forward this morning, highlighted by AMD’s leading presentation. Delivered by CEO Dr. Lisa Su, the keynote titled “The future of high-performance computing in the AI era” promises an eventful 90 minutes filled with a multitude of product announcements spanning AMD’s diverse product lines.

Anticipation is high for new revelations about AMD’s Zen 5 CPU core architecture and the accompanying chips. According to AMD’s latest Zen 5 roadmap, all three variants of Zen 5 are set to debut by year’s end, marking nearly two years since the launch of Zen 4 architecture.

Beyond consumer CPUs, AMD’s focus on server processors remains strong. Previously, the company informed investors that the upcoming EPYC Turin CPU is performing exceptionally well. Thus, updates on both client and server Zen 5 products are expected during this keynote.

Regarding GPUs and accelerators, AMD is currently in the mid-cycle phase of their Instinct MI300 series accelerators. With AMD’s sales frequently surpassing their projections, there’s little immediate need for bolstering this high-end silicon. However, given AI’s prominence at this year’s Computex (and in the broader computing industry), it would be surprising if AMD didn’t discuss developments in their expanding AI accelerator product line.

Join us at 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET / 02:30 UTC for comprehensive details.

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