Majority of App Store Developers Not Utilizing Apple’s New External Payment Option

Apple’s introduction of a feature allowing App Store developers to direct customers to external payment methods has not attracted significant interest, with only 38 out of an eligible 65,000 developers opting to apply for this feature, as stated during a recent legal battle with Epic. According to . Despite being introduced in January, the guidelines require Apple’s approval for adding alternative payment methods and impose a commission of up to 27 percent.

This move aimed to comply with an injunction from U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in 2021. However, Epic has criticized Apple’s efforts as insincere, labeling it “a sham” in a recent complaint, a sentiment seemingly shared by Judge Rogers who critiqued Apple’s approach for seemingly prioritizing its revenue model, as reported by Bloomberg.

In addition to Apple’s fees, developers must account for payment processing charges that could potentially exceed previous costs. The judge expressed disbelief at the oversight of the financial implications for developers, questioning the thought process behind the decision, as per reports.

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