PwC to Acquire Surfaceink, Former Hardware Design Partner of Apple

PwC Acquires Silicon Valley Tech-Firm Surfaceink

PwC, a globally renowned professional services firm, is making waves in the tech landscape by acquiring Surfaceink, a hardware design company that has flown under the radar in Silicon Valley. The move reflects the shifting economics of the hardware industry, and sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in tech innovation and enterprise solutions.

Driven by a shared ambition to explore what could be achieved with hardware, PwC’s acquisition of Surfaceink positions the company for a future filled with endless possibilities. With a strong focus on test labs, acoustics, and hardware design for both consumer and enterprise technology, Surfaceink’s impressive client roster includes tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google.

However, Surfaceink’s relationship with Apple took a sour turn in 2010, when the company showcased its own tablet designs, ultimately prompting Apple to sever ties. Despite this setback, Surfaceink has remained committed to its mission of accelerating product development and driving innovation across the tech industry.

The strategic acquisition by PwC not only provides new opportunities for Surfaceink to enhance its consulting services but also allows the firm to expand its reach across various industries. By bringing together cutting-edge hardware design and business strategy, PwC aims to offer a comprehensive suite of services to its diverse clientele, including major technology companies and businesses looking to engage with customers through innovative hardware products.

With PwC’s commitment to growth and innovation, its collaboration with Surfaceink underscores a new era in the tech world, where hardware design and business strategy converge to unlock unprecedented potential. As both companies embark on this transformative partnership, the landscape of enterprise solutions is set to be reshaped by their combined expertise and vision for the future.

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