Rumors Suggest the Upcoming iPad Air Will Feature a Significant Camera Upgrade

So, have you heard? Rumors are swirling that the sixth-generation iPad Air is about to flip the script on us, all thanks to a snazzy new landscape front-facing camera, kinda like its cousin, the 10th-gen iPad that hit the shelves last year. This little tidbit comes straight from the grapevine via expert leaker Instant Digital (cheers, Weibo) and picked up by the folks at MacRumors. And guess what? It looks like both sizes of the new iPad Air will get this cool upgrade.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, think about it. When you’re FaceTiming or Zooming in landscape mode (because let’s face it, who doesn’t?), having that camera at the top just makes you look better. No more awkward side-eye. And if you’re nodding right now, good news: It seems the next-gen iPad Pros might also embrace this change. Soon, every iPad could be on board with this more video-call-friendly setup.

But wait, there’s a catch. Squeezing in a landscape camera without messing with the iPad Air and iPad Pro’s sleek design – especially that nifty magnetic charger for the Apple Pencil – is no small feat. But Apple being Apple, they’ve probably got some engineering wizardry up their sleeves to make it all work seamlessly.

The current generation iPad Air (Image credit: Future)

And if you’re wondering if this new camera placement is all it’s cracked up to be, we’ve already been there, done that, and got the t-shirt with the 10.9-inch 2022 iPad. Spoiler alert: It’s a game-changer for video calls.

Heads up, folks – we might be hearing more about not just the iPad Air 6 but also new iPad Pro models any day now. The buzz was they’d drop last week, but Apple pulled a fast one with their new M3 MacBook Air announcement instead. Classic Apple, keeping us on our toes.

What else is in the rumor mill? The iPad Air 6 could be showing up in a more enormous 12.9-inch model, making the iPad Air lineup as versatile as the iPad Pros when it comes to screen size choices. And under the hood? We might see an upgrade to Apple’s zippy M3 chip. Plus, leaked designs have been floating around, giving us a glimpse into what could be coming. Rest assured, we’ll spill the beans the moment it’s official.

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