Shareholder Proposals on Warehouse and Union Issues Lead Amazon Voting but Do Not Secure Approval

(GeekWire File Photo / Kevin Lisota)

At this year’s annual shareholders meeting for Amazon, proposals concerning warehouse working conditions and how the company interacts with labor unions received the highest backing amongst the 14 suggestions on the table, with details released on Friday afternoon.

Despite none of the resolutions being approved, as announced by the company on Wednesday, specific outcomes were not known until now.

Close to 30% of shareholder votes were cast in favor of additional reporting on warehouse working conditions and Amazon’s approach to handling collective bargaining rights, each lacking the majority needed for approval.

These subjects also topped the agenda at the prior year’s meeting, reflecting ongoing shareholder interest.

Proposals relating to gender and racial pay disparities, packaging materials, and lobbying efforts similarly garnered nearly 30% of the vote this year.

Out of the 14 proposals put forward, nine were repeated from unsuccessful attempts in previous years. Some of these propositions, according to a proxy statement from Amazon, contain inaccuracies or misunderstandings concerning the company’s operations.

The company’s 12-member board, which saw re-election during the meeting, advised shareholders to reject all external proposals.

A notable suggestion was the formation of a new committee on the board focusing on human rights issues related to AI technology deployment and development.

Other proposals addressed Amazon’s environmental impact, with one specifically asking for the disclosure of so-called “Scope 3” greenhouse gas emissions.

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