Starliner Launch Delayed Once More

The Starliner spacecraft, crafted by Boeing for the purpose of transporting astronauts into space, has experienced another delay in its launch. NASA has postponed the inaugural crewed mission due to several significant technical issues, without setting a new date for the launch. The crew members assigned to the mission are currently in a holding pattern, waiting for the necessary corrections to be made to the Boeing spacecraft.

— Dan Cooper

Bluesky finally has DMs, with encrypted messaging coming ‘down the line’

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Image of Steve Dent holding a Panasonic S9
Photo by Steve Dent / Engadget

Engadget’s resident camera expert, Steve Dent, explored the Panasonic S9 camera, highlighting its unique feature of a Look Up Table button for film simulation in photos and videos. However, he notes that this feature’s inclusion might come at the expense of other important functionalities.

Scarlett Johansson has raised concerns over OpenAI’s use of a voice resembling hers for one of its products without her consent. In response, OpenAI clarified that the casting of the “Sky” voice happened before they approached the actress, maintaining that there was no intent to deceive or misuse Johansson’s voice.

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