Telegram 10.13.0 – Free Download

Telegram allows the creation of group chats with up to 200,000 members, facilitating connection with large audiences simultaneously. It also supports sharing 2GB videos, multiple web photos, and instant media forwarding.

Your messages are stored in the cloud, ensuring accessibility across all devices. Telegram’s secret chats are encrypted end-to-end. By 2024, Telegram joined the top-5 downloaded apps worldwide, boasting over 700 million active users monthly.

What distinguishes Telegram groups from channels?

  • Groups are designed for shared interactions among up to 200,000 members, suitable for personal or collaborative purposes. They can be set as public or private, with multiple administrators manageable.
  • Channels cater to mass message broadcasting to unlimited subscribers, featuring an updateable message view counter, including forwards.

Is simultaneous Telegram use on phones and PCs possible?

Telegram is compatible across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iPhone/iOS, allowing synchronous use on multiple devices, with cloud-based synchronization of chats.

Does Telegram offer advantages over WhatsApp?

Telegram distinguishes itself by cloud-based message storage with unlimited photo, video, and file sharing (up to 2GB), unlike WhatsApp’s device storage reliance. While both platforms offer extensive security features, their encryption methods differ, with WhatsApp providing end-to-end encryption as standard for all private communications. However, concerns about privacy have been raised given WhatsApp’s Facebook ownership. Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for calls by default and secret chats option for enhanced privacy in messaging.

Both platforms present robust messaging solutions, yet Telegram’s flexibility and feature set may appeal more to those seeking customization and fewer restrictions, whereas WhatsApp remains a strong, more mainstream contender. For those prioritizing secure messaging, Signal is recommended.

Are video calls supported on Telegram?

Telegram supports free voice and video calls.

Unsending Messages

Telegram introduced the ability to unsend messages within 48 hours, offering users the chance to retract unintended shares.

Shareable Chat Folders

Chat folders in Telegram can now be shared via link, simplifying group management and access for friends or colleagues to a curated collection of groups or channels.

Latest Updates

  • The Windows version has been updated to 5.0.4.
  • The macOS version now stands at 10.12.2.

Microsoft Copilot for Telegram

Copilot, incorporating GPT model and Bing Search, is introduced as a generative AI assistant within Telegram, aimed to enhance user experience through natural language interaction, covering topics from information searches to entertainment recommendations.

Interaction with Copilot is integrated across Telegram desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

Accessing Copilot is seamless via provided links or by searching for @CopilotOfficialBot within Telegram.

Copilot functionality encompasses a wide range of services, including comprehensive queries, travel planning, fitness advice, entertainment news, and casual interaction through jokes or games, currently supporting text chat requests in its beta.

Interacting with Copilot

Interaction with Copilot mimics a regular chat, providing users with answers, suggestions, and information promptly.

Prior Release Highlights:

Numerous features have been added, including recommended channels, profile viewing and customization, expanded moderation tools for groups, and more.

Profile Enhancements

Profile and channel management features are expanded, along with birthday notifications and the ability to display channels or collectible usernames.

Share Location Indefinitely

Users now have the option to share their location for extended periods or indefinitely for enhanced connectivity and safety during travels.

Managing Notifications for Reactions

New settings have been introduced to customize notifications for message reactions and story interactions.

Forwarded Message Identifiability

Forwarded messages now include the sender’s profile picture for improved recognizability and context in conversations.

Animated and Custom Emoji in Polls

Premium users gain the ability to enrich polls with animated and custom emoji for more engaging interactions.

Efficient Group Moderation

Group admins can now execute multiple moderation actions simultaneously, enhancing management efficiency and member experience.

Recent Actions Streamlining

Recent group activities are now more compactly displayed, with actions by the same admin grouped for clarity.

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