This NES Game Also Serves as a Functional NES Console

The Magic of Multi-function NES Cartridges: Bringing the Whole Library into One

Remember the days when getting two games on a single cartridge felt like you had hit the jackpot? Think back to the late ’80s – the era of big hair and even bigger video games. Nintendo was already turning heads with the Action Set bundle in North America, squeezing both Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt onto one miraculous piece of plastic. But what if I told you there’s a way to take that nostalgia to the next level? Imagine having your entire NES collection in the palm of your hand, without resorting to ROMs. Spoiler alert: someone’s already on it.

A YouTuber’s Ambitious Project: When Creativity Meets Nostalgia

Enter James Channel, a YouTuber who looked at an NES cartridge and saw potential for so much more. Did you know that NES cartridges are somewhat spacious on the inside? That space, which was partially for looks and also for adding future capabilities, became the playground for this ambitious project. Picture this: an NES Open Tournament Golf cart, not necessarily the smallest of its brethren but the chosen one for this mission.

Of course, technology has scaled down since the glory days of the NES, with modern replicas being significantly tinier thanks to system-on-chip tech. The clone console used in this experiment was picked up from none other than AliExpress, focusing on the essential component—the main PCB with the cartridge slot.

Turning a Dream into Reality: The Nitty-Gritty of Modding

But how do you fit a console into a cartridge, you ask? Well, it’s not without its MacGyver moments. Our modder had to play the part of a plastic surgeon, removing unnecessary standoffs inside the cartridge, crafting controller port holes, and trimming down components to their slimmest form. As for the audio/video setup, an old-school approach was adopted, utilizing a headphone jack and a cable for RCA connections. Talk about a creative workaround!

The plot thickens with the introduction of a USB as the 5V regulator, ditching the original hardware for something a bit more modern. And let’s not forget the finesse required to modify the cartridge slot for a seamless fit. Provisions for the power switch and reset button were also on the agenda, adding more layers to this intricate project.

The Moment of Truth: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph

With anticipation high and everything wired up, it was time to test the fruits of this labor. But, as fate would have it, success wasn’t immediate. What’s an invention without a few hiccups, right? It turns out, a couple of unforeseen issues needed to be ironed out.

But don’t fret – this story has a happy ending. After some tweaking and a little bit of magic, everything came together. The Golf cartridge, now doubling as a console, fit perfectly into a standard NES. Regular NES games ran smoothly on this modded marvel, and yes, an adapter was even concocted to play Golf on the cart.

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