10 Affordable Vehicles with the Lowest Repair Costs in 2024

The first SUV and electric vehicle on our list is the Tesla Model Y, introduced in 2020 by Tesla Inc. Electric vehicles offer an array of cost-saving benefits as many standard maintenance procedures do not apply.

The Tesla’s lack of traditional combustion engines means you do not need regular oil and oil filter changes. It also features regenerative braking technology that eliminates the need for frequent brake inspections and brake pad replacements. Since it doesn’t use fuel, the energy efficiency charge makes the total ownership cost significantly less than that of traditional motor vehicles.

You are, however, still expected to maintain a regular maintenance schedule that includes tire rotations, air filter replacements, and brake fluid testing at least once every 12,000 miles to ensure optimal performance. You’ll also spend about $4 per 100 miles on charging.

Even with these considerations, the maintenance cost over five years of use averages $1,449, which could rise to $4,732 in the first decade.

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