Africa’s MaxAB and Wasoko, two of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms, discuss potential merger

“MaxAB and Wasoko: The Potential Merger Shaking Up Africa’s B2B E-Commerce Market”
In a surprising turn of events, two of Africa’s most prominent B2B e-commerce platforms, MaxAB and Wasoko, are reportedly in discussions to merge their operations. TechCrunch has learned from exclusive sources that this potential merger could have significant implications for the continent’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. As funding scarcity continues to impact B2B e-commerce companies across Africa, the decision to merge operations seems like a logical step for these two industry giants. This article explores the potential merger’s background, the challenges faced by both companies, and the broader implications for Africa’s B2B e-commerce market. Additionally, we delve into the financing and expansion strategies of both MaxAB and Wasoko, shedding light on their respective journeys in Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, and beyond. This is a story to watch as the future of B2B e-commerce in Africa stands at a pivotal crossroads.

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