In a sluggish year for enterprise technology mergers and acquisitions, few notable deals stood out.

Cisco Surpasses All Others in 2023’s Biggest Tech M&A Deals

When it comes to big tech mergers and acquisitions, Cisco takes the cake in 2023. While other industry giants like Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, and SAP held back, Cisco charged ahead, securing a total of 11 deals throughout the year. In a notable shift, CB Insights reported a significant drop in big tech deals in Q3 of 2023 compared to previous years. The total value of the top 10 enterprise deals in 2023 also decreased when compared to previous years, suggesting that the high cost of borrowing may have contributed to the decline. However, smaller AI-related acquisitions may hold the key to understanding the true impact of M&A activity in the tech world. Despite the slower year, the top 10 enterprise deals of 2023 still prove that mergers and acquisitions continue to shape the tech landscape.

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