Top 4 Must-Have U.S. Toolbox Accessories from Harbor Freight

Though some U.S. General toolboxes do come with outlets, when you’re handling power tools and needing to charge batteries constantly, there is no such thing as too many outlets. Even more, sometimes the outlets that are installed can be in an inconvenient location. U.S. General’s 5-Outlet Magnetic Power Strip allows you to place your power source anywhere you’d like. There are two incredibly powerful magnets with a total 19-pound pull on the back of the power strip that can attach anywhere on your toolbox. However, you also have the choice of permanently installing it with the mounting holes if you’d rather have the extra security.

Besides the five outlets, this power strip also comes with two USB outlets as well as an on-and-off switch with an integrated circuit breaker. However, the power cord is only eight feet long, so keep that in mind when moving your toolbox around the shop. This U.S. General power strip has a 4.9 out of five-star rating from over 2,700 reviewers.

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