TSMC Set to Increase Specialized Production Capacity by 50%, Launches New Low-Power 4nm N4e Node

TSMC is embarking on an ambitious plan to expand its production capabilities for specialty technologies by 50% by 2027, in response to new fabrication plants opening in Germany and Japan and expanded operations in China. The company shared at its European Technology Symposium that it will be necessary to repurpose current facilities and construct new fab spaces specifically for this expansion. A key factor driving this growth is the development of TSMC’s new specialty technology node, N4e, which will feature 4nm-class ultra-low-power capabilities.

Dr. Kevin Zhang, TSMC’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Overseas Operations Office, stated during the symposium, “For the first time in many years, TSMC is undertaking the development of a brand-new greenfield fabrication facility aimed at future specialty technology needs. Over the next four to five years, we plan to increase our specialty technology production capacity by as much as 1.5 times, thereby broadening our manufacturing network and enhancing the resilience of our global supply chain.”

Alongside its flagship logic nodes like N5 and N3E, TSMC is increasing its portfolio of specialty nodes catering to power semiconductors, mixed analog I/O, and ultra-low-power devices such as those used in IoT. These nodes leverage the company’s more mature manufacturing technologies. The growing demand for both TSMC’s leading and specialty process nodes has prompted a strategic rethink of how the company plans its specialty node capacities.

In its drive to prepare for future demand, TSMC is focused on not only establishing new manufacturing sites outside of Taiwan but also on scaling up its overall production capabilities, including those for specialty process technologies.

The most advanced of TSMC’s specialty nodes to date is N6e, a variant of N7/N6 that operates between 0.4V and 0.9V. With the upcoming N4e node, TSMC aims to push operating voltages below 0.4V. While specific details of N4e are currently under wraps, TSMC is expected to unveil more about this next-generation process in the coming year as it progresses towards readiness.

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