Micro-mobility startups Tier and Dott announce plans to merge in order to achieve profitability

“Revolutionizing the Way We Move: Tier and Dott Join Forces in Micromobility Merger”
The micromobility industry is undergoing a major transformation as two leading European companies, Tier and Dott, announce their plans to merge. With the goal of achieving profitability and sustainability, this strategic move comes at a time when many free-floating scooter and e-bike companies are facing significant challenges. Despite the recent struggles in the industry, Tier and Dott are optimistic about the future as they combine their teams and operations to scale to the next level. The merger will not only result in a new leadership team but also an infusion of €60 million in funding from existing investors, signaling confidence in the potential of the combined entity.
While Tier and Dott have had different approaches to micromobility, both companies are focused on providing efficient and sustainable transportation solutions in major European cities. As the merger unfolds, the new company is expected to generate over €200 million in revenue, paving the way for a profitable future in the rapidly evolving micromobility landscape.

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