Mozilla Introduces Vertical Tabs, Profile Management, and Local AI Features to Firefox

Something to look forward to: Mozilla has unveiled plans for significant upgrades and innovations destined for the Firefox browser. Known as the “last independent browser,” it will be integrating long-awaited user-desired features, though HDR support remains absent.

In the coming year, Mozilla is set to prioritize user feedback, incorporating highly requested enhancements into Firefox. A Mozilla community manager recently detailed these advancements on the Mozilla Connect platform, indicating the organization’s commitment to boosting the browser’s functionality, speed, and security.

Among the anticipated features are native mechanisms for organizing tabs vertically or into groups, plus an enhanced sidebar for optimal tab management. Firefox is also introducing a new profile management system, simplifying the process for users to segregate their browsing activities across different aspects of their lives.

New aesthetic options for new tab wallpapers are also on the horizon, with a selection that includes photographs, color schemes, and abstract designs, aimed at enriching the tab-launching experience. Furthermore, Mozilla is focusing on making privacy settings more straightforward, with cleaner menus that emphasize the most frequently used actions by users.

Efforts to enhance Firefox’s performance and smoothness are ongoing, with Mozilla reporting a 20 percent increase in responsiveness according to Speedometer 3 benchmark tests. The organization continues to prioritize privacy, implementing features such as local translation and PDF editing to safeguard user data.

All data processing, especially that which involves AI algorithms, will be conducted locally, aligning with Mozilla’s commitment to leveraging AI in addressing concrete issues without compromising user privacy through external data processing.

Mozilla has identified an AI-augmented feature set to debut in Firefox the following quarter: an option to auto-generate alternative text for images within PDFs. This enhancement aims to enrich the web experience for individuals who are visually impaired or have learning disabilities, operating entirely offline with no dependency on external processing.

Firefox supporters have largely expressed satisfaction with Mozilla’s announcements, especially about the incoming tab and profile management capabilities. Yet, the request for features like HDR content support, improved mobile user experience, and a robust tool for identifying extension-related performance issues remains unaddressed.

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