Nintendo acquires a studio renowned for its Switch adaptations

Nintendo is acquiring Florida-based Shiver Entertainment from Embracer Group, which is amidst a restructuring phase, divesting from specific operations. Established in 2012, Shiver Entertainment has earned recognition for assisting in porting games to the Switch platform, including several Scribblenauts editions and Hogwarts Legacy. Nintendo is set to fully integrate this “niche-sized studio” as a wholly owned subsidiary, focusing on Switch ports and software development across various platforms.

Not typically known for acquiring smaller development firms, Nintendo’s procurement of Shiver signifies its dedication to fortifying high-quality porting and software development capabilities. This acquisition also underscores Nintendo’s commitment to supporting the Switch ecosystem for the long haul.

As highlighted by Nintendo Life, the acquisition extends beyond Shiver’s portfolio to include its human capital. John Schappert, the studio’s CEO with a storied career spanning roles at Xbox Live, Microsoft Game Studios, EA, and Zynga, brings valuable expertise to the Nintendo family. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, however, Nintendo anticipates the acquisition to exert only a minimal impact on its financial outlook for the current fiscal year.

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